jbl flip 4 aanbieding

discount audio 46: JBL Flip 4 (Use our promo code, majorhifi to get a 10 discount amazon: JBL Charge. That being said, theres enough subbiness to do justice to pop and hip-hop. That is, theyre loud enough for pool parties, but maybe not loud enough for frat parties. The Charge 4 has enough juice to recharge your smart devices, while the Flip 4 is not designed for recharging your phone. In fact, I own a little JBL Clip 3, and I was super impressed with the design and volume capacity for such a tiny little speaker. That being said, these babies do get loud. But, of course, the Flip 4 is lighter, smaller and comes with a wristband that you can tie to your bag or hang off a hook. So, if you want obscenely loud volume, upgrade to something like the JBL Xtreme. Their Bluetooth speakers are perfect for pool parties, bbqs and gatherings of all sizes.

Accessories, both speakers come with USB charging cables. Sound, anyone who is familiar with JBL products expects to hear a bit of oomph in the lower frequencies. Design and features, durability, these waterproof kittens are built to last. Theres no such thing as upside down, while the micro-USB sometimes requires a bit of fiddling, which is hard when youre hammered on Red Stripe and doing belly flops in the pool.

But Im a lady, so some of you boys might prefer the more masculine size of the Charge. But the other nice thing about USB-C is that you can plug it in any which way.

But if youre reading this, it means you need a little more boom than the JBL Clip. IN the BOX, jBL Charge 4, jBL Flip. Of course, theres nothing particularly wrong with micro-USB. The Charge 4 offers a different line of colors from the Flip. But as my grandmother used to say, go big or go home. Both speakers have a rugged design with an ample amount of rubber and fabric insulation. That being said, JBL offers a 1 year warranty for both products. So bass-heads, dont get your panties in a twist. But it will be phased out eventually. Bluetooth Version, both speakers offer Bluetooth Version.2. However, one thing you want to consider is the USB connection.